Monday, April 23, 2012

Let the Blogging Begin

Okay so here's my blog, which I call Resonance.  Why resonance?  It's a term with multiple meanings depending on context.  Bonding electrons have resonance.  An idea can have resonance.  We can talk about acoustic resonance, or resonance in harmonic motion, or magnetic resonance imaging.  I try to make the themes of my stories resonate on multiple levels whenever I can.  Thus, the title of the story Contamination (Analog, Nov '10) can refer to biological contamination of the planet's ecology, or to the radioactive contamination faced by the protagonist, or to the cultural contamination brought by newcomers to an isolated society.  I hope to use this blog to talk about things that resonate with me, whether they're profound thoughts or just passing comments on the happenings of the day.  I would expect most posts will be closer to the latter!

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