Saturday, July 28, 2012

Seeing a Story in Print

Okay, so I've been lazy this summer.  During the school year, I was busy with classes, grades, tutoring, and a thousand other things, which gave me a tidy excuse for falling behind on the old blog.  But we're a month into summer and I have no excuse for letting things slide.  Ah well, summer is supposed to be a lazy time, isn't it?

So what got me off my figurative butt?  The October 2012 issue of Analog arrived, and it includes my story Ambidextrose.  I suppose it marks me as a noob, but I still get a thrill every time I see a story of mine in print.  I still stare at the pages in disbelief.  This issue is especially exciting because it includes a Biolog about me.  It marks my third appearance in Analog, which I suppose officially qualifies me as a member of the Analog MAFIA.

Another thrill comes from looking down the table of contents and realizing that I actually know several of the people sharing the page with me.  Juliette Wade has the cover story of the issue; although I haven't yet met her in person, we have interacted online.  I met Carl Frederick in person at two successive SFWA receptions, and both times we engaged in long and interesting conversations.  I've talked to Rick Lovett on the phone and swapped a few online messages with Mike Flynn.  And getting to meet Stan Schmidt was, of course, a highlight of my brief writing career.  Getting to know these amazing and brilliant people is one of the best parts of being a writer.  If you aren't already a fan of all of them, go read their work!  Now!


  1. Jay, you're not a noob for loving the sight of your own name in print! Congratulations again.

  2. I was very excited to be there the day that issue came in the mail. It was amazing to see your story and your name there in print.