Saturday, July 6, 2013

Half a World Away

Okay, so I've really neglected this blog.  During the school year writing time is precious, and I try to devote the little I get to fiction.  I did manage to write a few stories over the winter, and sold Conscientious Objectors to Analog, so I managed some decent production.

The big news for me this summer is my daughter Gabby.  Early in the school year, an opportunity arose for her to sign up for a trip to Japan.  She's a huge fan of anime and Japanese culture in general, so I saved my pennies and signed her up.  That was all fine and dandy when the trip was months away, but now the summer has arrived and my little girl is half a world away.  Cue the parental angst.

She will no doubt have a wonderful time and see sights and do things that she will remember for the rest of her life.  She has been keeping in touch using her smartphone and any wifi connection she can find.  Usually that boils down to a handful of chat messages before the inevitable "gotta go, we're off to xxx."  Yesterday it was a tour of an anime studio, where they got to actually do some drawing and animate their work.  It's good that she doesn't have much time to talk to her dad.

It's hard to get past the fact that my little girl is so far away.  She's growing up, and letting her slip free is a part of that.  But it's not easy!  The rest of the summer will include looking at colleges, perhaps setting up a few visits to see the campuses.  One more year of high school, and then she'll be off to one of those campuses for the next phase of her life.  It won't be as far away as Japan, but it will be a lot longer than two weeks.  It will be the transition to the rest of her life, from dependent child to grown woman.

There will be time to stress over all that later.  For now, my little girl is taking her first steps toward independence.  I am both proud and terrified.

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