Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mission: Tomorrow

This week marks the official launch of Mission: Tomorrow, an anthology from Baen Books that contains a story of mine called Around the NEO in 80 Days.  Editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt is a rising star in the SF world and a good friend, so when he invited me to submit a story for the anthology I jumped at the chance.  I built the story around JP Aerospace's "Airship to Orbit" program.  John Powell, the founder and CEO of JP Aerospace, was kind enough to send me some technical details on the program, which helped me to keep the story closely grounded in fact.  If you're looking to support a small aerospace company with big ideas, check them out.

The Anthology features awesome cover art (my image here doesn't do it justice) and a lot of really good stories from some big name authors and some lesser known types like me.  It's available on Amazon and elsewhere, so check it out!  Even better, Bryan is doing a giveaway on Goodreads where you can win a copy signed by the editor and a few of the authors.

I'm really proud of this one.  Around the NEO in 80 Days is one of my favorite stories that I've written.  Even better, it's appearing in an anthology from a big name publisher and edited by a guy who is most definitely going places.

As always, I have more fiction in the works, including a new one due out in Analog very soon.  Keep your eyes open for it!

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