Friday, August 26, 2016

Throwing My Vote Away

I'm voting third party in this year's presidential election.  Right now I'm leaning heavily toward Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.  That could change, but it definitely won't change to Trump or Clinton.  There's a meme that says that Trump is the worst of American culture and Clinton is the worst of American politics, and that pretty much sums up how I feel.  Trump is hedonistic, bombastic, and tends to say whatever he thinks will get attention without thinking about the consequences.  Clinton embodies political corruption, cronyism, and hypocrisy.  I cannot in good conscience vote for either one.

My conservative friends say that a third party vote is a vote for Hillary.  My liberal friends say that a third party vote is a vote for Trump.  The left is much more in-your-face with this, going as far as to say that they will hold people personally responsible (whatever that means) for the consequences of a Trump presidency.  My response to that: if you're so worried about a Trump presidency, you should have given us a better alternative.  I would have voted for any other candidate, even one I disagreed with politically, over Trump or Clinton.  You really terrified of Trump winning, you should have given us Sanders.  You really hate the idea of a Clinton presidency, you should have given us Cruz.  It's too late now to blame those of us who find your candidates distasteful.

I know a third party candidate has virtually no chance to win.  I don't care.  Does that mean I'm wasting my vote?  Well, if you live in a red state and vote for Clinton, your vote makes no difference to the outcome.  Same for Trump in a blue state.  Are you wasting your vote?  Should you just vote for the other candidate because yours has no chance to win your state?  Of course not, because it's worthwhile to vote the way you believe.  Why is it so hard to accept the same thing for people who vote third party?

My vote will make a difference.  I dislike the corruption of the major parties, and so I'm taking my business elsewhere.  I'm hopeful that a lot of people will do that.  And so when the political party bosses look at the numbers after the election, they'll see a large percentage that they could have had in their column if only they had given us a decent candidate.  Will that change the way the do business?  I don't know, but I know that swallowing my revulsion and voting for Trump or Clinton will definitely no change things.

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