Thursday, November 10, 2016

Why Hillary Lost

Dear Liberal Friends,

This is an open letter regarding why I believe Hillary Clinton lost the election.  First off, I know some of you are going to dismiss this as mansplaining, or whitesplaining, or some other splaining, and that's why you lost.  You have consistently dismissed what I and others like me have to say based on my gender and skin color, and yet you refuse to understand how bigoted that is.  You can't dismiss a sizable chunk of the population and expect them to just take it.

Hillary lost because she exemplified that dismissive condescension.  Her "basket of deplorables" comment is a glaring example of it, but she and her followers did it on a smaller scale a million times over.  Microaggressions, you'd call them if people like me did it.  You lost because you decry every perceived microaggression against you and yet you scream megaaggressions in our faces at every opportunity.  You demand safe spaces where you don't have to hear our somehow terrifying words and yet you insist that we listen to everything you say with no respite.  Your thoughts and feelings are important, and so are mine.  You can't dismiss people's feelings and not expect a backlash.

Your side lost because you throw around accusations of racism, sexism, and homophobia at a whim.  Is Donald Trump a racist, sexist, homophobe?  I don't know, because you've called so many decent people those things simply because they disagreed with you that the terms have lost their sting.  You cried wolf a thousand times and now I don't believe you when you make the accusation.  If Trump really is all those things, then you've done us all a great disservice by allowing him to hide among all the decent people who you have unjustly accused.  So people went into the voting booth and remembered your charges of racism and sexism and homophobia against Trump.  And then they remembered the same charges aimed at their friends and neighbors and figured it was just more over-the-top rhetoric.  You can't throw around wild accusations and get mad when people learn to ignore them.

Consider this: if I had begun this letter by saying, "Listen up, you arrogant libtard assholes," would you have read anything past that?  Well that's what your side does to us all the time.  The average working class voter didn't like being dismissed and condescended to like that and so they voted against everything you stand for.  According to the data I've seen, a lot of people who voted for Obama last time around switched to Trump this time, especially in key rust-belt counties.  The key word from both Obama's and Trump's campaign is "change."  Those people don't like the way the political elitists treat them and they voted for it to change.  They don't want a corrupt political insider, they want someone who they believe is going to shake Washington up.  That's why Bernie Sanders was so popular; if the DNC hadn't undermined his campaign we'd probably be talking about president-elect Sanders right now.  You can't be rude, arrogant, and condescending to people and expect them to vote for you.

Please note that I opened this letter by referring to you as my liberal friends.  You are my friends, whether in person, online, or in spirit.  I'm a conservative, but I don't believe the country is best served by my side (or yours) dominating all branches of the government.  I'd prefer robust but respectful debate, I'd prefer the two parties to have enough representation in DC to enforce reasonable compromise.  Please consider my advice seriously; I want you as my partners in this country, friendly rivals but not bitter enemies.  Yes, I know you're disappointed in the outcome of the election.  We were disappointed the last two times around, but life goes on.  Please stop the over-the-top screeching, the wild accusations, the talk of Trump concentration camps and other nonsense.  You sound just as ridiculous as the "Obama is coming to take our guns" crowd sounded.  By acting like that, you're doubling down on the behavior that lost you the election.

So...Trump is our president, like it or not.  I've made it perfectly clear that he wasn't my first choice, not by a long shot, but here we are.  We can whine and complain, throw the country into four more years of vicious accusations, bitter divide, and angry bickering.  Or we can come together, work together, and give him a chance to lead the nation.  It's what you would have expected us to do if Hillary had won.  It's the right thing to do.  I'm not talking about kneeling to your new overlords; debate and disagreement are an important part of American politics.  But you do have a responsibility to listen to what he has to say, to give him a chance to lead.  I've said time and again that I don't think he will be a good president, but I'm hoping very much that I am wrong.  I want him to succeed, for the sake of my country.  And yes, I would have felt the exact same way about Hillary if she had won.  If you're already talking about filibustering every single thing Trump tries to do, if you're already burning flags and rioting, if you're already digging in your heels and tuning out everything the winning side has to say, then you're the one who's the problem, not Trump.  Okay, yes, if you hear about him breaking ground on a LGBT reeducation camp or forced fertilization clinic or immigrant concentration camp, let me know and we'll oppose him together.  Until then, stop crying wolf unless you actually see a wolf.