About Me

I've always been a bit of a science geek ever since reading Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle In Time early in elementary school.  As a kid, I devoured every bit of science fiction I could get my hands on.  It wasn't long before I started writing my own SF stories.  Picking up a copy of Larry Niven's A World out of Time opened my eyes to the idea of emphasizing the science part of science fiction.  I became an instant Niven fan (still am!) and soon discovered other hard SF writers.  It didn't take long to fall in love with Analog, and I got a subscription (which I still have) as soon as I could talk my parents into it.

A love of SF matured into a passion for science.  If nothing else, I wanted to be able to get the science right in my own stories.  I earned a Bachelor's degree in chemistry and teaching certification in both chemistry and physics.  I settled into nurturing a teaching career and raising a daughter and did little writing for a while.  My daughter was bitten by the writing bug at a young age (it must be genetic) and started writing her own stories.  That got me going again, and soon we were comparing story arcs and typing away on our computers.

My first story sale came early in 2009.  I had been getting some positive feedback from Stan Schmidt for a while, and my writing was improving significantly under his guidance.  Selling a story to Analog, the magazine I had been reading since childhood, was a thrill like no other.  There is quite a long wait from story acceptance to actual publication; it felt like an eternity until Thanksgiving Day finally appeared in the November issue.  Since then, I sold more stories to Analog, Daily Science Fiction, and Penumbra, several anthologies, and had a few reprinted in Escape Pod and Uncle John's Flush Fiction anthology.