Usher Analog, Jan/Feb 2015
Podcast: StarShipSofa, No. 397

Short Stories

One Giant Leap Strange Horizons, Nov 2016
The Desolate Void Analog, Nov 2016
Perfect War SNAFU: Future Warfare (Cohesion Press), Apr 2016
The Anthropic War Analog, Jun 2016
Formal Charges Trajectories (Hydra Publications), Apr 2016
Around the NEO in Eighty Days Mission: Tomorrow (Baen Books), Nov 2015
Ships in the Night Analog, Jun 2015
Reprinted: Visions V: Milky Way (Lillicat Publishers), Aug 2016
Habeas Corpus Callosum Analog, Nov 2014
Field of Gravity Analog, Jun 2014
Entangled States Strange Bedfellows Anthology (Bundoran Press), Mar 2014
Conscientious Objectors Analog, Oct 2013
Reprinted: Digital Science Fiction, Jul 2016
Ambidextrose Analog, Oct 2012
Contamination Analog, Nov 2010
Reprinted: Escape Pod, Sep 21,2012
Reprinted: Far Orbit Apogee (World Weaver Press), Oct 2015
Thanksgiving Day
Analog, Nov 2009
Reprinted: Escape Pod, Nov 24, 2011

Flash Fiction

Cease and Desist Analog, Jul 2015
Reprinted: Quickfic Anthology 1 (Digital SF), Apr 2016
Phenol-faerie Analog, Mar 2015
The Bunker Phobos Magazine, Issue #2 Emergence
Time Out Penumbra, Dec 2011
The Plum Pudding Paradox
Daily Science Fiction, Dec 28, 2010
Reprinted: Uncle John's Flush Fiction, Apr 2012